May 16th, 2015

for two - 4, for more - 8
black olive focaccia, whipped lard, EVOO, roasted garlic, preserve citrus, capers, fried rosemary

half dozen or whole
Island Creek Oysters (Duxbury Bay, Massachusettes)
Irish Point Oysters (Prince Edward Island)

Raw on the Half Shell - 16/32*
ramp mignionette, meyer lemon

Rockefeller - 17/34
spinach, bacon, parmesan



Bacalao en Aceite, cauliflower catalan - 6*

Albacore Tuna Mojama, marcona almond, chili oil - 6*

Steelhead Roe, black garlic, celery juice,smoked milk panna cotta, green cardamom, Beemster - 7*

Sockeye Salmon 'Nduja,' crostini, pickled peppers, chives - 6*

Swordfish Finocchiona, fennel relish, pollen, brittle - 6*


Served with pickles/mustards/crostini

    Salumi – 12*
duck rillettes, nduja, duck speck, leek ash and porcini salami

     SALUMI – 40*
duck speck, black strap ham, coppa secca, fiocco, spalla, lomo, coppa di testa, salami negroni, 
leek ash and porcini salami, lamb cocoa and espelette, chicken rillettes, rabbit terrine, pate campagnola, duck rillettes, ciccioli, mortadella, nduja



Artichokes a la Perigord - 12
black truffle, burnt lemon fromage blanc, hazelnut, tarragon, fried garlic, parmesan, pickled egg white

Asparagus - 11
parmesan custard, honeysuckle infused balsalmic, pickled ramps, crunchy olive focaccia

Green Grape and Pistachio Gazpacho - 9
cucumber, red pepper sabayon, crispy garlic, toasted corriander, basil

 Beef Tartare– 12* 
pickled jalapeño, oyster aioli, black garlic, shallot, cured egg yolk, salt & vinegar chips, butter lettuce

Foie Blonde - 12
warm brioche, membrillo



 PASTA – half and whole

Spaghetti Carbonara – 10/ 20  
salty pork bits, peas, egg, roasted garlic, soffritto, Pecorino Romano

Smoked Goat Cheese and Ramp Cavatelli - 12/24
late harvest muscat, pig's cheek, sweet italian sausage, ramp soffrito, rye pan fritto

Squid Ink & Leek Ash Gnudi – 13/26
octopus and pancetta bolognese, black olive oil, dehydrated smoked tuna, basil

Parisian Gnocchi – 13 / 26
smoked Jubilee Hilltop Farm beef brisket, San Marzano tomato, ricotta, oregano, 

pine nut, Calabrian chili




  Dorade– 28
potato fourchette, piperade, salsa verde, sweet garlic, burnt red onions

 Mar Y Tierra - 35
berkshire pork loin roast, gulf prawn, morcilla sausage, sherry braised kale, romesco, manchego, cilantro

Le Bella Farm Duck – 27
breast, confit and apricot tortellini, roasted pigs foot and parmesan brood, pickled celery, dandelion, burnt lemon, poached figs

 Meyer Ranch Hanger – 32, Ribeye - 38, Deckle - 42
lyonnaise potatoes, porcini aioli, caramelized onion, ramp pesto,  roasted romaine, fried egg

 Charcroute - family style for 1 or more - 30 Per Portion
boudin noir, boudin blanc, bacon confit, 
pork tenderloin, trotter croquette, chicken and sweetbread galantine, ramp sauerkraut, pickled cherries, smoked-roasted potatoes, meat caramel, espresso mustard, lovage