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Enjoy a broad selection of our signature urban Mediterranean flavors with our chef-selected multi-course tasting menus, or order a la carte
and indulge in your favorite Cure dishes
October 20th, 2017

daily selection from Island Creek Oyster co.
On the Half Shell - 16/32
cucumber- yuzu mignonette, lemon

Oysters Rockefeller 18/36
spinach béchamel, bacon

Asiago focaccia, whipped lard, EVOO, roasted garlic,olives
preserved citrus, fried rosemary - 7

SALUMI* 17/55
Served with pickles/mustards/focaccia

This is Why You're Here - 18*
black strap ham - peaches, urfa-maple, basil

Small - duck speck, ciccioli, nduja, salami fernet, duck Manhattan salami,
salami negroni, leek ash & porcini salami, mortadella

Large - coppa secca, speck, bresaola,
duck speck, mortadella, nduja, toscano, salami bernaise,
salami negroni, salami fernet, soppressata, duck Manhattan salami, 
leek ash & porcini salami, ciccioli, pate campagnola

foie blonde - macaron, hibiscus, pistachio, quince - 7

Roasted Mushroom & Onion Soup - 10
fried egg, beemster, marcona almond, cocoa nib

A Nice Little Salad - 10
Who Cooks For You Farm greens, Bert's vinegar,
Goat Rodeo Stampede goat cheese, 
crunchy raw vegetables & bread

Smoked Beets - 11
cucumber yogurt, rye, chamomile maple brittle

Brulèed Goat Rodeo Chèvre - 11
leek ash lavash, pickled ground cherries, tahini

Laurel Hill Farm Trout Rillettes - 12
smoked onion crème fraiche, rose and tarragon crepes, artichoke

Beef Tartare - 13*
pickled heirloom chili, oyster aioli, black garlic, shallot,
cured egg yolk, salt & vinegar chips, butter lettuce

 PASTA - half and whole

Cacio e Pepe - 8/16
spaghetti alla chitarra, pecorino, black pepper

Ravioli - 13/26
sweet corn, braised lettuce, smoked walnut, mimolette

Ricotta Cavatelli - 13/26
Bolognese a la cinghiale, wild boar, San Marzano tomatoes, ricotta salata, oregano

Gnudi Pomodoro - 13/26
heirloom tomatoes, fried garlic, ricotta, basil, evoo


Laurel Hill Farm Trout - 28
braised swiss chard, calabrian chili, crispy fried white runner beans, burnt lemon

Heritage Farm Chicken - 29
falafel, burnt eggplant, lemon labneh, shishito peppers, sauce 'muhammara'

Charcroute - 34
pork belly, braised cheek, boudin blanc, summer sauerkraut, ramp and curry mustards, roasted potato skin

N.Y. Strip - 44*
roasted mushrooms, confit potatoes, salsa verde, caremelized onion